You can still watch the Olympics and pick up coverage of events you missed, or just see replays. We turned to several events we missed – the kayak, scull and canoe races, using the Windows Media Center. The Media Center comes with all Vista operating systems but it was also packaged with many other computers that came out before Vista.

You can get Olympic re-run coverage from and some other sites, like We tried these sites, but they weren’t as good as what we got from a free service called TVTonic. For one thing, if you’re using Media Center, the picture fills up your whole screen. For another, the program loads faster.

To get TVTonic, you go to and download some free software for either Vista or XP systems. After we did that, we got a wide range of viewing choices, including events from the 2008 Olympics, but there were also cartoons, cooking shows, music videos, etc.

There is a slight delay when you switch between events, and of course there are ads. We found we could skipTVTonicthe ads by using the fast-forward or skip buttons on the Media Center screen’s control panel, just as if you were using the controls on a DVD player. We could go on about some of the other shows we found on TVTonic, but we have to get back to the Olympics reruns because we missed the tae kwon do contests.

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