We came across a set of mini CDs for creating instant photo slideshows. They’re called “Fun Photo CD!” and

Fun Photo CDthey cost $5 each from (and probably less from discount stores).

You pop one of the CDs into your PC’s drive and you see a screen menu with choices like “add photos” and “add music.” Respond by adding pictures from your computer’s hard drive or a flash drive and it does the rest, burning the CD for you. You can add whole folders of photos at once.

The small CDs are limited to a maximum of 200 pictures, but these can be high resolution if you wish. Our old Nikon CoolPix camera is limited to a resolution of only two megapixels per photo, which makes it almost a curiosity in these days of high-res cameras. So even at the maximum resolution of our camera, the Picasa 3200 photos took up only two-thirds of the CD.

Two more nice things: Once you’ve stored your photos, with or without music, you can take the disk with you and play it on anyone’s PC. That person in turn can copy photos from the disk onto their own computer’s drive with one click. The Fun Photo package comes with a stick and press strip that lets you stick it inside a greeting card.

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  1. This will be perfect for my shower next month. Im looking for some favors and this could be fun! Going to look into it!