According to the highly regarded Gartner business research company, Microsoft’s Vista operating system is being rejected by business and home users alike and is proof that the 23 year old Windows line is collapsing of its own weight. Like Mark Twain’s famous premature obituary, the reports of Vista’s death, or imminent death, are greatly exaggerated.

Microsoft’s previous operating system: Windows XP, was slower to be adopted by users than the present Vista system. A look backward at Microsoft’s introduction of XP shows that 23 months after its introduction (that would be September of 2003), only 6.6 percent of business computers were using it. But a survey done by Forester Research, found that by the end of June, 2008, 19 months after the release of Vista, 8.8 percent of businesses are already using it. Estimates are that be the end of this year (2008), 28 percent of all PCs will be running Vista.

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