We hardly ever buy computer games but a recent exception came from getting hooked on puzzle games They’re like the “find the hidden objects” pictures you sometimes see in newspapers and some children’s magazines, only more difficult.

A recent trend for most new games is “try it before you buy it.” Here at the SpinTop web site you can try out any of a dozen puzzle search games for an hour before deciding whether or not you want to continue. If you like it, you pay $20 for the full game. We bought “The Las Vegas Heist,” “Amazing Adventures,” “MysteryHeist gameStories: Island of Hope,” and “Escape From the Museum,” but rejected “Women’s Murder Club” after only a few minutes of play. The ability to try them out first is great and is becoming a common promotion for many games. The $20 price for a full puzzle game is about the same as the two of us going out to the movies, but the fun lasts longer.


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