In one of the cleverest marketing moves we’ve ever heard of, Microsoft invited a group of users who were critical of “Windows Vista,” to San Francisco for a sneak preview of a new operating system, code-named Vista Home Premium“Mojave.” (The system was named for the Mojave Desert, pronounced Mohaavee).

Vista, which Joy uses every day on her computer, has come under intense criticism since its introduction last year and many corporate users have refused to upgrade their systems to the new operating system. A host of influential people in the press and high-tech companies have criticized Vista for heavy memory use, slow operation and clumsy installation.

So how did these critics react to the new Mojave system? More than 90 percent said they were impressed, some to the point of wildly enthusiastic responses, like “Wow!” and “Terrific!” You knew there was going to be a catch here, didn’t you? Sure enough, there is. The “new” Mojave operating system Microsoft was supposedly demonstrating was in fact already out there, it was really just Windows Vista. (This could start an interesting research project on crowd psychology.)

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