SHOWING UP is a free web site that hopes its name will make you think of ”showing up,” which is what it’s about. The purpose is to provide a place where members of a family, club, church or any organization, can post photos, videos, comments, etc.

You can do this using YouTube, of course, but the idea behind Shwup is that it provides a private setting for group contacts. Each photo or video appears as a thumbnail in a group’s private album and can be played with a click. Each person in the selected group gets a special link code to the album or can use their email address and a password.

By clicking “blog-it,” a video can be transferred to any other site, which might be your own blog. The Shwup album can import photos from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa or any web site and you can rearrange these and transfer the contents to some other site. There are no storage limits. This is a trend which seems to have started with Google, and reflects the rapidly falling costs of hard drives.

Shwup, by the way, was created by the folks who brought us Muvee is one of the easiest video editing programs we’ve ever come across. We first wrote about it a couple years ago and nothing else has come along to top it for simplicity. They now have a new program, called Reveal, for editing high definition video. It’s $100 at, and there is a free trial available.

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