ONLINE BUSINESS HEALTH INSURANCE offers choices for small businesses to set up employee health plans. Employers sign and up and say how much they want to spend for each employee. It does not have to be the same for each employee and it can be as low as $25 per person; there is no upper limit.


The money goes into an online savings account and it is then up to each employee to choose the particular health plan they want. The choices cover more than 900 plans from 185 health insurance carriers. The employees commit to a plan for one month and it is renewable each month.

Unlike earlier plans, which absorbed any money not spent on health care by the end of the year, these accounts allow each employee to save whatever is not spent and have that accumulate in a retirement account. The average deductible for the health savings accounts is about $1100 a month; that is the amount the employee would have to pay before coverage kicks in. This is comparable to a typical deductible range of $500 to $1500 in most health coverage plans. About six million Americans currently have health savings plans.


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