FreshBooks.com is a service for creating and sending out invoices while you’re online. You can send invoices by email, postal mail or both.

For postal mail, you need stamps, of course, and FreshBooks.com starts you out with two stamps already prepaid. You can buy more stamps using the same email procedure. They will seem much more expensive than simplyFreshBooks buying stamps in person, but that’s because the price includes the invoice, a return envelope and handling.

FreshBooks has users in over 100 countries and they seem to be quite happy with it. The bills get sent out faster, and users report that they get paid faster as well, probably because the clients can pay online. Records are kept by the service and accessible at any time. If there is tax involved, that is added automatically.

The service is free if you have three or fewer active clients, or $14 a month for up to 25 clients. For $149 a month you can bill up to 5,000 clients this way.

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