Beamz is a W-shaped device that lets you make music by waving your fingers between the arms.

Interrupting a set of laser beams sends impulses to your computer. As the speed and duration of these impulses last, music emerges from your computer’s speakers. Much of that music is already built in to the accompanying software, which contains preset genre tracks for blues, jazz, Beamzclassical, rock, reggae, etc. Different instruments can be queued in, letting you compose with strings, keyboard, brass, woodwinds, including odd items like cow bells. You can add your own instruments as well. Waving your fingers through the air generates pulses, riffs, streams and loops of music stored in the computer.

You can see and hear a performance with this strange instrument by going to SharperImage.com and typing Beamz as your search term. The music has a slightly science fiction movie sound, but to Bob, a long-time sci-fi fan, that’s good. In fact, the Beamz instrument immediately recalls memories of the Theremin, an electronic instrument developed in 1919 and used to produce some eerie sounds in such movies as Alfred Hitchcock’s “Spellbound” and the sci-fi movies “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” and “Mars Attacks.” Unlike Beamz, the Theremin has no instrumental variations and of course does not use laser beams, which after all, hadn’t been invented in 1919.

The price for this intriguing toy is fairly stiff: $600, and for the moment we could find it only at SharperImage.com . You can get Sharper Image coupons at the TheRawFeed.com or by clicking here.


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