We remember the first time we saw a clerk at a fast food restaurant press a finger on a picture of a sandwich to ring up a sale. Now, just about any business can be set up to do that with a touch screen and some appropriate software. You can hire people who can’t read. The touch screen or any other way of ordering and paying for the product is called the “front end” in the retail business; it’s the point at which the customer meets the sales register. We looked at a system called AccuPOS Retail 2008. The “POS” stands for Point Of Sale, and you can buy the software alone for $595 and set it up with your own hardware, or you can use it to add cash drawers, touch screens and other hardware. This costs extra, of course.

The software is designed to work with commonly used accounting programs like QuickBooks, PeachTree, MAS and Simply Accounting. If you start with one but later change to another, the AccuPOS software will still work with the new accounting program. This is not true of most point-of-sale systems. Set-up was easy, and connecting the pieces together was pretty much drag-and-drop, as they say. The software reads input from touch screens, bar code scanners and credit cards. It tracks customer purchases, and can print its own bar codes to paste on new products. The software can also apply percentage discounts to specific customers.

Related products from this company do inventory tracking and time-lock records. You can read all about it at accupos.com.

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