INTERNUTS publishes six-word summaries by people explaining their lives or key moments therein. Some examples: “Saved by women’s magazines. How Bazaar.” “My ex had a better lawyer.” “Sixties hippy chick finally grows up.” “Shook family tree; nuts fell out.” “Down for maintenance; be back soon.” You, of course, can log on and submit your own. The company has published a book of what it thinks are the 832 best summaries, but you don’t have to buy it. Our own six-word summary: “Stop us before we write again.” stands for “Wish You Were Here,” and what it does is mail postcards with the photos you just¬†took on your vacation (or just hanging around home, if you prefer). You send in a photo straight from your cell phone and the address it should go to, and WYWH turns the photo into a postcard and mails it. Cost is $1.99 per card; cheaper in bulk.

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