MotionBox can turn a video into a flip book. Flip books were the earliest form of moving pictures. A series of pictures, usually drawings, were linked together in a sequence that appeared to show a scene in motion when the pages were flipped rapidly.

You can re-create this early moving picture technology by sending a video to The site provides 300 megabytes of storage for your video clips, which can be shared with others. For $30 a year, you can upload an Flipbookunlimited amount of video. Any part of a video can be selected to be made into a flip book, which cost $8 each. (NOTE: If your only purpose is sharing videos, you can upload an unlimited number to, and there is no fee. But there is a 10-minutes-per-video limit at YouTube; the $30-a-year account at MotionBox lets you upload videos of any length.)

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