There are a score of portable power packs available today for reviving your dead or dying cell phone, iPod,  music player, game machine, Blackberry, etc. We’ve written about a couple in previous columns, but we particularly like a sleek new black one from Kensington.

It’s called simply Portable Power Pack (how straight-forward) and can be charged up either by connecting it to a USB port on any computer or using its small power adapter plugged into a wall socket. It takes about an hour to fully Portable Power Pack charge it off a USB port connection, and it will restore your mobile device to full power in a few seconds. That’s enough for about 55 hours of music play or five hours of cell phone talk.

The Portable Power Pack is smaller than a deck of playing cards and half as thick. A sequence of LED lights on one surface lets you judge how much power is left. The device comes with a USB cable and adapter plug for attachment to an iPod or smartphone. It’s $60 from

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