CREATING VIDEO ADS is an oddly named new Web site and service that lets you create video advertisements for a cost of around $300 to $700. It has lots of video sequences that can be captioned, edited and modified with voice-overs to create a professional-looking ad that can be used on a Web site. Creating such ads from scratch, which would involve hiring actors, setting up camera shoots, etc., could easily run $50,000 or more.

The existing videos on aditall are quite professional. Some are funny, some serious, and they cover many categories, from agriculture to high-tech. The video clips average 12 seconds in length, but can be edited with additional¬†AdItAllclips, static shots (such as product logos), voice, text and music. The video editing tools are of the type seen in most video editing programs. If you are unfamiliar with those, don’t worry, they are fairly easy to learn and navigate.

You can work this site two ways: The videos already present are quite professional and can be used to create clever and interesting ads. But you can also submit your own videos, and if they are accepted you will get royalty payments if the footage is used. The site will also post requests for certain types of footage. The videos presently up on the site are worth a look.

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