The list of free photo organizers got a little longer. There’s Adobe’s free Photoshop Album, Google’s Picasa, and now a new version of MediaOne from What these programs do is essentially create photo albums and some editing tools are thrown in.

To create a slideshow in MediaOne, you just drag and drop your photos from a photo tray into a “storyboard.” Then click “share” to send it in an e-mail. We liked the free projects. Our favorite is creating imaginary magazine covers with your own photos. You can also make greeting cards, calendars and collages. The “plus” version of MediaOne is $50, but you get extra features including scrapbooks and video editing.

MediaOne comes with free trials of Muvee and Sharpcast. Muvee is one of our favorites for making video slideshows set to music. Sharpcast is a free program we use to back up and share photos. You have to pay $5 a month if you want the photos backed up online in full resolution. Otherwise, the backup contains two-megapixel catalogs of your photos, from which you can order full-resolution prints.

If you want a better photo editor, take a look at the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 4, $99 at A neat new feature lets you quickly isolate people’s heads so you can switch them on to other bodies.

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