If you’re an experienced user of Microsoft Word and Office and recently switched to the new 2007 version, you’re in big trouble. They changed the commands; much of what you knew before is now worthless. They must have had some great corporate meetings deciding on that one. But not to worry, we found a fix.

“Classic Menu for Office 2007” is a $30 program from AddInTools that lets you Classic Menuuse the new 2007 Office through the familiar commands of Office 2003. If you just want the part that brings back the old familiar commands for Microsoft Word or any of the other individual components of MS Office, the cost is only $16 for each.

The add-in programs also let you access the new commands if you want to learn them. You can decide to mix and match by keeping some of the old commands and using some of the new. You can get a free trial of all this atAddInTools.com.

Another alternative is to use the free OpenOffice word processor, which looks very much like MS Word 2003. You can get it at openoffice.org.

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