What’s different about OnlyMyEmail.com is that it’s a spam filtering service that obliterates the spam. Unlike other spam filters, the entire message is examined for content, not just a search for key words that might be objectionable.

There are versions for kids and adults. In the version for children, the intent is to protect them from receiving spam that is pornographic, in bad taste, a criminal solicitation, etc., not merely by blocking such messages but removing them so they can not be read later. This is quite different from ordinary spam blockers, which move spam to a dump file to be deleted later. In that situation the spam messages can still be read simply by opening the file. In addition, the child version allows the controlling operator – presumably a parent, to not only block spam but also block messages from senders that have not been previously approved.

The cost is $24 a year and for that price you can set up spam blocking for two email addresses. You can also select levels of control: You can have a carbon copy sent to you of each email your child sends or receives. You can look at a daily report of all junk mail sent to your child’s address, and forward on to them anything that you decide isn’t junk.

The adult version, which has similar controls, costs $4 a month. Both these versions were rated best of their type by PC World and PC Computing magazines.

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