Another day, another cell phone. Sometimes, two or three. We have seven now, and they all have different connections for recharging. Apparently these companies never talk to each other.

This reminds us of the early days of desktop computing.¬† There were two dozen companies, and some had fun names, like Kentucky Fried Computers and NBI, which stood for “Nothing But Initials.”¬† The humor has pretty much gone out of the business. We don’t get any fried chicken cell phones, but there are other things.

Poker on the Phone

We tried out The World Series of Poker, No-Limit Texas Hold-Em on an LG cell phone. We could play against well-known professionals 

Poker on the phonepictured at a card table. The game came from Glu Mobile. You can get it on most late-model phones; cost varies from $3 to $7, depending on the service carrier.

Unfortunately, while the players may be professional, the makers of the game are not. Because if everyone at the table “checks,” which means “pass” in poker talk, the cell phone game then allows the first person who checked to step in again and bet. You can’t do that in real poker; if everybody checks, betting can only start again after the next card is turned up.

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