Joy is in toy box heaven playing with her new Video iPod.

This is our first iPod, even though it’s Apple’s fifth generation. We’ve been holdouts because of all the other great music players out there, but we were finally driven to get it. It was partly because creating accessories for the iPod has become a new industry and we were getting a product pitch a day about some gadget that you just had to have or the iPod police would ticket you forVideo iPod “mopery with intent to creep.” These accessories turn out to be mostly junk, but the gizmo itself is pretty cool.

Who knew that watching a movie on a screen half the size of a playing card could be enjoyable? We went to from our desktop computer and clicked on “movies.” We paid $1.99 to download an amusing Danish animated short and the next time we plugged our iPod into the computer, the movie moved right over. We also brought in a lot of free National Public Radio broadcasts and National Geographic videos by clicking “subscribe” from the “podcast” directory at iTunes.

2 Responses to “NEWS FROM IPOD PLANET”

  1. This is a question for Joy. I guess Bob might know this one too. I would appreciate help from anyone who knows this answer. Because every tech, or anyone else I ask gives me a diferent answer! I do not do anything on my ipod. 4th generation touch apple ipod except download music from itunes. And listen to them. I had a nice tech person at apple turn off most everything else. The music can only be listened to not quite five hours. Then it needs charged up again! Very frustrating! Because the small manual that comes with the ipod and also Apple claims it will work up to 40 hours before needing charged. I don’t even watch the music videos I down loaded because you can see the battery being dragged down as you are watching the darn thing. Can anyone please tell me how much real time it should do? At Best Buy where I bought it they tried to get me to buy an $89.00 unit to set it in. they said it makes it last about twice as long??? No, I do not want to have to purchase it. I have already bought 147 songs fro itunes. One ather person in Best Buy told me it was a lemon. I bought an extended warrenty from Apple. Thank-You so much! Sorry this is so long. Sherry

  2. Hi Sherry:

    Sounds to me like you should use your extended warranty to get a new one, but I’m going to run this by our favorite tech guru, Kenny S. (He’s at

    Best wishes,