If you’re a Verizon customer with a “Get-it-Now”-enabled phone, you can get global positioning software on your cell phone for an extra $10 a month or $3 a day. This is likely the edge of the wedge in a coming set of GPS services available from all carriers.

GPS on a cell phone

In this particular service, you can get it while you’re on the go simply by choosing from a menu item on your cell phone. You can then download the VZ Navigator software from Networks in Motion (NIM) and get turn-by-turn spoken driving directions to 14 million points, including restaurants and ATM machines, in the United States. If you miss a turn, the system re-routes you to get back on track. A new NIM service for subscribers to AAA Mobile provides directions to destinations offering AAA discounts. If the subscriber needs roadside assistance, the service sends his GPS location to an emergency dispatcher.

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