We’ll skip the jeweled cases and pearl necklace cords for dangling your iPod and move right to “iWear,” a set of high-tech glasses available for just $250 from icuiti.com. Plug em in, put em on and you look like the creature from the Purple Planet. But what they do is project a kind of fighter pilot heads-up display that simulates the Video iPod screen as if it were 44-inch TV screen. The pitch is you can not only you watch a movie on this virtual big screen, instead of your iPod’s tiny screen, but no one else can watch what you’re watching.

Of course the picture was coarse and grainy and if you had really bought a TV with a 44-inch screen that looked this bad you would storm the return counter the next day. Wearing the special glasses made us feel a lot of sympathy for The Man In The Iron Mask. Of course there’s the price: We wouldn’t pay $20 for these glasses, let alone, the $250 asking price. If you want a bigger picture from your iPod, why not watch it on a real TV screen, which you can do using a $19 cable available at the Apple.com online store. Or, you could just turn on the TV and see what’s on.

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