About half a million new blogs are being added to the web every day. So don’t be left behind. Let the world know what you think about old movies, politicians and the current dreadful state of manners and morals.

In short: a blog is a blog is a blog. Venting is in. We found a new and free way to create a blog that can practically be handled in your sleep. It’s at a web site called OurStory.com. Sign up and they will not only host your blog but they send you a question a day to prompt you to enter more content.

For example: “What places did you go as a child?” “What were your favorite toys?” And: “Did you ever receive any advice that turned out to be good?” You fill in the answer and it goes into a timeline on a web site created especially for you. You can also add pictures and videos. We chose a picture of a nice pastoral scene that reminded Joy of Hilltop Lakes, Texas, where she went as a child. Other timelines can be listed in categories like “love story,” “travel story,” “family story,” etc. You can make your blog completely private, a kind of memory box for your own enjoyment, or share it with the world or restrict it to friends and family who have the access password.

The layout for OurStory.com is quite nice, with tabs for stories, photos and questions and answers. You can click “Explore” to read a featured story of the day. We duly clicked and read a story about the end of comic book hero “Captain America,” who appeared in a Marvel comic book series from 1941 until March, 2007; the blog’s appearance marked the last day of the comic book’s publication. You can choose to turn your own story into a professional quality bound book for $20.

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