Duct Tape Wallet· brings up a map of the United States showing the locations for recent news stories from the Associated Press. Click on a city or town and you can read the story.


· will take care of any free time you might have by telling you about dozens of things you can do with duct tape. You’ll learn how to make a wallet or a tie or pants or a dress out of duct tape. Duct tape gowns and tuxedos were all the rage for high school proms a couple of years ago. You can make a munchies bowl in your car by taping a plastic bowl to your cup holder. Tape the box to the back of your “page a day” calendar and you have a place to put the torn-off sheets you want to save. Ah, the myriad uses of duct tape. Comes in colors too.

· offers free classes on using Vista, the basics of wireless, digital cameras and many other subjects.


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