In the movie business, “Indies” refers to independent films. These are usually made with shoestring budgets and little-known actors. We confidently predict Premiere Elements 3they will soon be made with no budget on your desktop. The tools grow more powerful each year, and the progress is so fast it has become something of a bee buzzing in our bonnet.

The latest big bees and little bees are Adobe’s “Premiere” and the newer and cheaper “Premiere Elements 3.” Premiere is a program designed for professional video editing and lists for $849 at Premier Elements 3 is also for video editing, has many of the same features, and lists for $99. We found it for $60 at Amazon.

The most important new feature of Premiere Elements 3 is the storyboard. You can drag scenes onto the storyboard and also drop in transitions (like “fade to black”), soundtracks, narration and other good stuff. Scenes and single frames can be edited like individual photos: change the contrast, color saturation, lighten, darken, sharpen, etc. You can import any video, whether it be your own creation or something you found on the Internet.

Almost all editing action in Premiere Elements 3 is drag and drop; it’s as easy as falling off a log (or a canoe if you’re the kind who likes to stand up). Nothing is deleted, so you can change your mind and go back if you preferred an earlier edit. An “autosave” feature saves different versions automatically.

The tutorials that come with Premiere Elements 3 are totally great, as they say in the software biz. They come in book form and you can take your time. You can download free trial versions of Premiere and Premiere Elements 3 from . Use the alphabetical list to select the programs.

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