Just blink and there’s some new security software out there. This latest one is called Blink and the “personal” version is free from¬†¬†Blink security

Blink protects the user from inadvertently going to a site posing as the intended one. Shortly after installing Blink, Joy did a Google search on a tech support question and when she clicked on one of the hits, Blink prevented her from going there. It posted a note that the site address she had been directed to did not match the one listed in her Google search. It was, in fact, an imposter. How then to get to the true site? You have to type the site’s address directly into the search field of your browser. Then you can be taken to only that site.

Blink also provides a firewall, intrusion protection and guards against identity theft, and tells you about vulnerabilities in your system. The Professional version of Blink costs $59 and adds desirable features for business, like support for the Windows Server System, centralized management and round-the-clock technical support.

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