Have you ever wanted to consult a Grand Canyon guru, someone who knew where to stay and what trails to take? Who hasn’t?

So you go to LifeTips.com and click on “Travel” and then “Grand Canyon.” You might prefer “Prom Guru” for advice on proper attire and demeanor at theLife Tips big dance. Or you might want tips on how to take care of a Harley motorcycle.

From a celebrity diet guru we learned that bags under the eyes are caused by excessive salt in the diet. From a self-publishing guru we got the sensible advice that if you are self-publishing anything, you’re a publisher; act like one. Do the research, check for duplicate titles, etc.

If you have some special skill or knowledge, you can be a guru too. Beyond the advice and amusement level, jobs and speaking gigs can come out of this. The site offers publicity and free publishing for some. And LifeTips clients in a variety of industries pay for speakers and consultants. Anyone want to know how to be a journalist?

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