Oops, we mean defrag it. Comes now another in the endless revised versions of Diskeeper, which is designed to defragment your hard drive. It’s Diskeeper Pro 2007.

What it does is collect all the little bits and pieces of data and stuff, and if they’re related to each other, it tucks them into the same place. This saves space and a considerable amount of search time.

Joy found that her computer was more than 10 times faster after defragging. Bob doesn’t have much on his computer, so he didn’t notice any change. (He may have been napping.)

This latest version of Diskeeper stopped another extremely annoying problem: One of our computers would freeze up at least once a day. When that happens you take drastic action; you pull the plug. Diskeeper Pro gave us a message that our “Master File Table” (the “MFT” to the technical among you) was 98 percent full and couldn’t eat another byte. Our MFT had 1.7 million file records, occupying 1.6 gigabytes of hard drive. Diskeeper doubled its size so it could let out its belt a bit.

What’s new is that Diskeeper Pro 2007 handles defragmentation as it occurs, or on the fly, so to speak. All searches, backups, and virus scans run faster. The home version costs $30, the pro version is $50, both

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