Sign on with the new and you can record your own radio show from your telephone. We did, and it was easy and free. You can find our maiden broadcast by searching on our name or “computers”

 at the BlogTalkRadio Web site. You can listen in whether you have a Windows or Mac computer.

You can listen to hundreds of broadcasts already up there and arranged by category. Subjects include art, books, dreams, hobbies, computers, technology, writing, photography, jobs, etc. Some broadcasts are updated regularly, some just once in a while. You can record as many broadcast segments as you want, and they can be up to two hours at a time.

The key convenience here is that you can do the broadcast from your telephone — no special equipment required. You decide on a time for your broadcast, and that time will be listed in the BlogTalkRadio program guide. At the appropriate time, you call in to a special number provided by BlogTalk and …talk. There’s an additional number available for people who want to call in and talk with you. They can call from any phone, including cell phones. You can screen those calls,a nd you can also provide listeners with an address for instant messaging.

BlogTalkRadio plans to make its money selling ads. We didn’t see or hear any ads, but it’s still the early days.

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