A new free Web browser is our new favorite. It’s called Maxthon . This browser keeps a record of where you’ve been. When you reopen it, a message asks if you want to start again where you left off in the last session. If you had a dozen Web sites open, they’ll all be there again, each with its own tab.

The new version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE 7) also has tabbed browsing and a lot of new features, and should be able to hold its overwhelming market share. But there’s a lot to like about Maxthon. It has a new free service called Access that allows you to remotely access your home or office computer from another Internet-connected computer. And it uses less memory, saving on system resources.

Maxthon looks like IE to the Web sites you visit. This is important because nearly all sites accept a connection with IE, but not necessarily with other Web browsers. You can find Maxthon at Maxthon.com, which notes that so far, 70.6 million people have snapped it up.

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