We found another service for making free phone calls over the Internet; it’s free to many countries and nearly free to the rest. It’s, and using it is reminiscent of the old phone systems that used an operator to connect your call.

There’s no software to download, and you don’t need a high-speed Internet connection, dial-up will do. You just go to their Web site and type your phone number in a box on the screen. Then select the country you’re calling and type in the phone number you want to reach. A few seconds later your phone will ring and you will hear a message telling you that JaJah is connecting your call.

That call can be to a cell or regular phone. You can make free or low-cost calls to land-based phone lines almost anywhere in the world. Calls to cell phones can’t be made everywhere but work in the U.S., Canada and some Asian countries. You can schedule calls from an Internet café when you are traveling. A new mobile version lets you initiate calls from your cell phone, if you have one of the supported brands. We tried it and it was simple to use and the sound quality was good.

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