Corel has a new $40 photo-editing program called “SnapFire Plus.” We tried it out, and it did a nice job of organizing our photos into one long scrolling view or into albums. In fact, it is the easiest photo organizer of any we’ve seen.

You can edit your photos to soften wrinkles in faces, whiten their teeth, add a suntan and sprinkle butterflies around the picture. You can e-mail the pictures in a compressed form that won’t take up tons of room and drive the recipient nuts trying to open them. You can also use the photos to create greeting cards, fake magazine covers, collages and photo albums.

You can do this with several other photo programs as well, so what we really liked is you can get the basic SnapFire program for free. Near as we can tell, the differences between the Plus and the basic were trivial. You can’t do magazine covers or smooth wrinkles, but just about everything else is the same, so you might as well go for free. Info at

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