We can’t ever seem to find our paper calendar, so it’s simpler to have one on the computer screen. We’ve tried several, but this new Google calendar is the best. It is super handy for business, family or friends because you can share calendars. To get it, you go to, click on “more,” and then “calendar.” Now you’ve got it and the fun can begin.

Add entries to any date just by clicking it. Select a time and place for a meeting and you can then click “invite,” which will send e-mails to any list of recipients you choose. They can also receive a link to a map showing the location.

The people who get the e-mail don’t have to have a Google calendar, by the way. Those who respond and say they’ll be there, can automatically appear on a list of attendees that shows up back on your calendar. Now is this nifty or what?

You can also put the Google calendar on a Web site. Joy put one on her women’s club Web site, chose the “private” setting during setup and placed it in a “members only” area. All she had to do was put a link there to the calendar; the actual calendar resides on Google’s own Web site.

She could put up any number of calendars, each keyed to a different interest area. Any appointments, events or other info typed into the calendar can be edited or shared by those who have the password. The calendar can also be set to show holidays, or days when the office is closed. It’s a good idea to do this to avoid conflicts for events and meetings.

If you are a user of Google’s Gmail service, which we are, you can toggle back and forth between your mail and your calendar. Any time you get an e-mail that has time or date information, you can add that to your calendar by clicking the “Add to Calendar” button at the end of the message.

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