Practically everyone on the Web has written about the colorful border that keeps you safe while browsing the Internet. They’ve also complained about the $65-a-year price, which is probably why it’s now been dropped to $30 a year. Another victory for the people!

OK, so what have we got? GreenBorder puts a virtual barrier around your Windows PC so the bad guys can’t get in. Every time you surf the Web or shop online, your computer is invisible to would-be intruders.

Start by downloading the software from To use the program, you double-click the icon on your desktop.  Now as you browse, you will see a green border around the screen window. Actually, you can make it any color you want, so Joy made it pink. You can also click to create a “privacy zone” that makes it safe to send credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information. When you click “end privacy zone,” that information is shredded.

The “safe files” feature used to cost an extra $15, but under pressure from us cheapskate journalists, it is now included in the initial download package. This allows you to download any kind of file — programs, movies, music, etc. — and then when you double-click to open it, that file runs inside your protective border. If there was some kind of spyware embedded in the download, it can no longer get out and send information back to its spymaster.

GreenBorder comes in a personal or business version.

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