The News: You can use Google for an easy way to see summaries of all your favorite Web sites and blogs. Go to and enter the search terms for news you want summarized. These can be anything from what’s in a particular newspaper or group of newspapers, to columns like ours or one-man opinion blogs, sometimes called “rants.”

Put in a search term and a list of sites with that subject will come up. Click to subscribe to those you want. Nearly all are free, though a few might carry a charge. Compared with other so-called “RSS” feeds we’ve looked at, this one is much easier to use.

The Views: A helpful reader reminded us of a site we found a year ago and then forgot. It’s and what it has is a great free program for converting image and multimedia files between formats. You can also use the software to create slide shows, play movies and process a batch of photos all at once.

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