movingvan–“Roadie,” a free app for Android, iPhone and your computer, is a different way to ship stuff. Describe your gig, as they call it, and Roadies (who are people like you) will tell you how much they’d charge to deliver it. It’s a similar approach to Uber Cab and Lyft. It’s a lot cheaper than UPS, Fed Ex or even the Post Office if the driver happens to be going your way. Get enough drivers doing this and there will always be somebody going your way. (But not Bing Crosby.)

We read about a business owner who sent four chandeliers 300 miles away. They arrived the next day, saving him hundreds of dollars. There are also benefits for the driver. Some restaurants give discounts to “Roadies,” and it can be a way to pick up extra bucks. Local gigs earn the driver between $8 and $20. Long distance gigs can pay up to $200. Works in all 50 states, but not internationally.

— “Moving Van is a $2 for iPhone that lets you assign a number and a description to each item you’re shipping so you will know which box has what.

— “MagicPlan,” free for Android or iPhone helps you virtually place your furniture in your new place using their floor plan software, so you’ll know whether it fits or not. You need a smart phone with a gyroscope, which most phones have these days, even our four-year old Samsung Galaxy S3.

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