CandlestickTelephoneGalBob’s son keeps a landline for one purpose only: overseas calls on a quality line. But a new service may make even that unnecessary.

“Rebel Calling,” from, is offering free international calls until 2017. After that it’s a dollar a month for a service that doesn’t connect over Wi-Fi. That’s a good thing. Wi-Fi can mean dropped calls, poor call quality and extra charges if you go over your data plan’s budget. Free Rebel calls take place between Rebel users, so you have to get your friends to sign up. There’s a cost to calling non-Rebel users. Twenty million people have signed up and calls can take place in 54 countries.

The Swedish entrepreneurs who own Rebel Calling say the profit margins in international calling are ridiculously high. They expect to make money by just charging a dollar a month starting in 2017 and allowing free calls until Dec. 31 this year.

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