GmailA few people send us email in a larger font. It’s easy on the eyes. But how do you make that your regular size?

Click the little picture of a gear in the upper right corner of your Gmail screen. Click “settings.” Under the “General” tab, click “Default text setting.” Click the letter “T” to change the default text size. For fun, you might also change the style of the text. We changed ours to “Georgia” from “Arial.” (Must have had Georgia on out mind.)

Another feature that might be called a “Hillary” special  is the “Undo Send.” It gives you up to 30 seconds to call back an email you know you shouldn’t have sent. To use it, just click “undo” right after you’ve send the message. It’s at the top of the email window. Microsoft Outlook has a similar feature, but those who use it on the web are out of luck; for some reason you only get the undo feature if you use Outlook on your local machine. Find it by clicking “other actions,” and then “recall this message.”

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