Bob DylanWe’re thinking of buying one of Audio Technica‘s latest turntables as a gift for our young relatives. LPs are so popular again that a rare version of Bob Dylan’s “Freewheelin'” has a starting bid of $100,000 on eBay.

By the way, Dylan and many other recording artists have said the sound from a record is much better than the digitized sound of CDs and DVDs. Bob agrees with this and thinks it’s because of the restricted dynamic range compared to a digital recording.

Our phonograph acquisition began when Joy ordered a Simon and Garfunkel compilation on eBay. She thought she was ordering a CD, but when it came in the mail as a record album, we figured we figured, okay, let’s buy a phonograph.

Some of the new players from Audio-Technica can not only play records but can convert the sound to MP3 files to be burned on a CD or listened to on your phone, tablet or computer. We have one of their earlier models and love the rich sound of a genuine record, so we’ve never actually done a conversion to MP3.

We buy records from thrift shops, but lately we’ve noticed them popping up at stores like Barnes and Noble. The new turntables from Audio-Technica start at $120 for silver or black and go up to $130 for a sporty red or blue. Both can connect to speakers orĀ  a stereo system.

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