drew universitySome of these are for students, some for teachers. It will be obvious what goes with whom.

— “Notability,” $4 for iPhone/iPad, lets you create notes, bring in pictures, music and video, and highlight your text.

“Nearpod” allows teachers to send surveys, ask questions and present slides. This has over 100,000 users.

—  “Schoology” allows teachers to share assignments, and lets students receive test scores. Already has 500,000 users. Are there that many digitally hip teachers? (iOS) (Android)

— “Google Drive” is great for storing documents. Save stuff online at No matter what machine or phone you’re using, you can still access your stuff.

— “Reminders” is Apple’s to-do list. It has a lot of tools for tracking homework, projects and tests.

And for those who don’t want to do anything in particular, there are: “Trivia Crack,” (maybe too trivial), “Messages,” (so addicting, you’ll constantly be messaging others), “Homework,” (can’t compete with pen and paper), “Candy Crush,” (too mind-numbing), and “8 Ball Pool.”

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