The August issue of PC Magazine reviewed the 100 best Android apps of 2015. Besides the usual suspects, we saw some we’d never heard of. Such as…

circle-of-6— “Circle of 6″ helps you get help in a dangerous situation. It sends a request to be picked up, along with your GPS location or asks your friends to contact you. You might ask friends to contact you because you’re talking to a boring person and you need the interruption.

— “Plume for Twitter” gives you more power over your Twitter messages. This free app gives you a menu under each tweet. Mark it a favorite, share it, call it spam, reply to it, read the replies to it, or mute it.

— “RedPhone” lets you make encrypted calls to users of the free app “TextSecure,” which secures your text messages.

— “Sleep Bot Sleep Cycle Alarm” will track your sleep movements, if you take your phone to bed with you, and really, who doesn’t? (We don’t, actually. We can hardly remember to take it with us when we go out.) The alarm will only wake you when you’re in the lightest sleep cycle. (But what if it’s an emergency, like a buddy telling you what he saw on TV last night?)

— “Transit” gives you schedules for buses, trains and ferries in 87 American and European cities.

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