Gmail— “Auto-Advance” is helping Joy to get through her Gmail a wee bit faster. What it does is automatically advance you to the next email in your list, so you don’t have to waste time leaving an email and going back to check another. To enable it, click the picture of a tiny gear, then “settings,” then choose “Labs.” Click “enable” next to “Auto-Advance.”

— “Boomerang for Gmail” is a plug-in for scheduling emails to go out when you want them to go out. You may be writing at 3 am, but you’d rather they went out the next morning at 9. It’s free unless you’re a heavy user, and works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

— To get a good print of a Gmail email, use the right print command. Click on a message and then click a tiny triangle to the right of where you see the current time. Click “print” from that menu and you’ll get just the message, instead of a page cluttered with folder names off to the side.

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