Galaxy S3If you’re like us and have a so-called “unlocked phone,”‘ with “prepaid service,” you may be curious on what it would cost to upgrade.

First off, the trade-in value: Amazon would only give us $80 for a Samsung Galaxy S3 that cost us over $500 a few years ago. If we wanted to buy that same phone (used, without contract) from them, the price was $95. Not bad. T-Mobile, our service provider, by contrast, offers to buy it for $40, and sells it for $200.

By the way, we pay only $30 a month for unlimited web and text usage and a paltry 100 minutes of phone calls. (That’s okay, we normally only use about ten minutes. We don’t talk much and only ran over the limit once in three years.) You can find similar deals at, but if you don’t see that one, chat online with one of their support people. They sometimes seem willing to deal.

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