onlybothHospitals.OnlyBoth.com compares hospitals across the nation and shows where they could improve. The data comes from the federal government.

We started in the west, where Joy’s mother was admitted for a stroke many years ago. Out of 4,813 hospitals, it had the sixth lowest rating in how long a stroke patient has to wait in the emergency room before being seen by a doctor. Only three percent of stroke patients saw a doctor within 45 minutes, compared to 65 percent on average for all other hospitals.

Next we turned to a Chicago suburban hospital that got the worst rating among 4,813 in the category “serious blood clots forming after surgery.” The national average is 4 percent. This hospital’s rate is 17 percent.

St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester had the seventh highest rate of unplanned readmissions for stroke patients, 17 percent, compared to an average of 14 percent.

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