ONLINE COLLEGE AND TECHNICAL COURSES has a ton of information about online courses at accredited universities, including graduate schools. It tells you the cost of tuition and the prospects of getting a job in a given field. It also lists the salaries for a host of jobs and has info about vocational training. Who knew a dental hygienist makes around $71,000 on average? (And they’re worth every cent.)


  1. My name is Shelly Olivia and I run a 501 (c)(3) non-profit education group that invests time in helping those looking to achieve their career goals by attending a vocational school. We realize not every student can attend college but we can help them find the right trade school to begin their career training.

    I wanted to share with you our educational site and guide that is helpful to anyone pursuing a vocational education. I came across your website while doing some research and thought our site would be the perfect fit on your page:
    Our exclusive site provides in-depth information about schooling and career options.

    You can find our guide and more information here:

    A description you can use on your site can be:
    Vocational Schools – Review vocational schools nationwide including available scholarships

    Once you have a chance to review, will you be able to add the link to your site and assist students in finding the correct career path?

    I’d be happy to discuss more about our organization over the phone if you would like. I look forward in hearing from you.

    Shelly Olivia
    VP of Corporate Communications
    College Universities