blu wearable smart phoneWe sometimes wear our hearts on our sleeves and soon may be wearing our phones there. A company is raising funds on, a crowd funding site, like Kickstarter, for what they call the “Blu Wearable Smartphone.”

This is not like Apple Watch and similar wrist watch gadgets, this one wraps all the way around your wrist or forearm and you can read the display as your turn the band. The screen is as big as a regular cellphone, only it’s curved around your wrist. It’s ten inches long when unrolled, and two inches wide,

You can do that these days, using Corning Glass Company’s “gorilla glass,” which is so flexible you can bend it almost completely back on itself. We think this is more likely the future of the wearable phone, rather than the wrist watch model.

The “bracelet phone” — for want of a better name — is due out in summer of 2016; you’re taking a chance if you pre-order it, since it’s still under development.  But they’ll give it to you for 60 percent off if you do: $319 instead of  $819. The company is looking to raise a million dollars through crowd funding and has raised over $80,000 in the first nine days. If they don’t reach their goal, you get a refund.

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