windows 10Windows 10, due out in July, has at least two things we like, besides an improved start button. It’s going to take up 6.6 gigabytes less space. That doesn’t sound like a lot, and isn’t, if you buy a computer with a typical hard drive today; they often have close to a thousand gigabytes. But the new faster computers have solid state drives, also called flash drives. The response is almost instantaneous. It’s a trend that will take over the market and the prices are reasonable. We found a refurbished Dell Latitude E6410, for $500 on Amazon, and if you go to Dell’s own web site,, you’ll find lots of deals.

Windows 10 will also make it easier to get rid of “crapware.” It’s annoying to have your computer junked up with stuff you don’t need and Windows 10 ¬†will get rid of it all by simply clicking “reset and refresh.” As with Windows 8, Microsoft’s free cloud storage, “OneDrive” will be built in. When you save a document, you’ll see OneDrive as one of your folder choices.

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