Pogue mapa tipsLots of people use the Google Maps app on their phones to figure out how to get somewhere. Fewer people know you can also use it as a phone book.

We got this tip and several others from David Pogue, a guy we follow sometimes on Yahoo. Start by tapping the Google Maps app, which comes with Android and iPhones. Then tap the picture of a microphone, which is easier than typing.  If you say “Mexican restaurants,” for example, you’ll immediately see a list of places near you plus their hours of operation; you’ll also see the number of stars they get on review sites and links to those reviews. Tap the  “call” button and Google will connect you.

Tap two blue things to find your way there. First tap the blue car, then tap the blue words “start navigation” to get directions. ( Tap the picture of a pedestrian if you’re walking instead of driving.  Tap the bus if you’re taking public transportation.) Google will show you the bus schedule. An “explore” link acts as a tour guide, showing restaurants, stores, museums and hot spots within walking distance. Google maps, by the way, also includes maps of shopping malls, indoors and out.

Pogue has a great video explaining a number of these tips. Find it by clicking “Pogue Videos” on

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