GmailOur friend Ida, who is 95, likes to print out her Gmail messages, but the print is often too tiny, and she hates printing the column on the left listing all the folders. We have encountered this tiny print problem once in a while on our machines. But our solution for this — moving the text into MS Word, was too complicated for her, she said. So we tried another solution.

When the mail comes up, click on a message and look for the triangle to the right of the “reply” arrow. A menu appears. Click “print.” The font will be larger now because you’re not shrinking everything to fit on one page, including the sidebar with the names of all the people you’ve ever exchanged mail with.

Others go further, saying to uncheck the “shrink to fit” option in your printer menu. It seems to make sense but in our tests, part of the message always got cut off. If you’re not printing, but just viewing a webpage on your screen, hold down “Ctrl” and tap the plus sign on your keyboard to enlarge the page.

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