SlivverWhenever a retail clerk hands Bob a pen to sign with, he says, “Do you know where that pen has been?” and whips out his own pen. He’s only partially kidding. If cell phones are as dirty as public restrooms, according to a recent study, we wonder about the pens stores hand you to sign credit card receipts?

A techie solution is gaining ground on the crowd-funding website, Indiegogo.com. You can pre-order a “Slivver” stylus for $10. It looks like a credit card sleeve but you can sign your name with one corner of it on those little screens you see at stores. It doesn’t take up any extra room in your wallet and it’s anti-bacterial.

By the way, it seems it doesn’t matter what you sign to one of those receipts. After the card number has been approved, the receipt they want you to sign is a dead document. Bob usually signs them “Elvis,” or sometimes “James Bond.” None has ever been rejected.

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