Hello_smileTo whom it may concern: We are told by younger folks that nobody makes phone calls these days, they text each other. In case you do make calls once in a while, “Hello: Caller ID and Blocking” is a free Android app that makes it easier to place calls using a free Wi-Fi connection. It also blocks unwanted calls.

Because it connects with the Facebook Messenger app, it makes calling Facebook friends easy, even if you don’t know their number. When their name comes up in a search, the first option is “Call for free.” Besides friends, you can also search for restaurants, stores, museums and other places. When the local art museum came up in our search, the first option was to call it. The second option was to¬† tap its address to get instant turn by turn directions in Google Maps. We could also add it to our contact list or visit its website. If you get junk calls on your smart phone, use Hello to automatically block them.

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